Become the KMK Refinish distributor for your market

KMK Refinish is rapidly growing around the world.

Each year our business growth exceeds 30% on average for each market.

Take this opportunity and become the next KMK Refinish distributor for your market
and start doing business quickly and easily.

What you can achieve by becoming a KMK-Refinish distributor:

  1. EXCLUSIVITY ON YOUR MARKET (offline and online direct sales)
  2. YOUR OWN E-COMMERCE READY TO USE with these special features:
    • all products available in the KMK-Refinish catalog
    • no updates or activities are required for KMK-Refinish product pages
    • a reserved area for your own products
    • price list for your market
    • information and communications on the e.commerce focused on your business and your company
    • custom contact form with notifications sent directly to your email account
    • customized terms and conditions of sale
  3. ADVANCED ONLINE MARKETING SUPPORT with these special features
    • Email campaigns
    • Promotion / Discounts / Coupons / Free shipping
    • Contact management and segmentation
    • Marketing automation
    • ... and more
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