KMK is a new brand, created in 2015 with the aim of responding to the demands of the European car refinish sector, hard hit by the 2007 recession.

Two factors have strongly influenced this sector:
1) The recent EU Directive 2004/42/CE, which came into force on 30/10/2005, commonly known as the "Voc Law".
2) The US subprime financial crisis, which impacted the global economy and, consequently, consumption.

The European car refinish market has been hit, at a disconcerting rate, by a shrinking economy, partly due to the cancellation of new loans to businesses (especially small businesses, such as auto body shops) and partly due to the very high prices of a new range of products, affected by the new EU Directive “VOC law”.

These have combined to exert pressure on the traditional body shop. The current recession has caused new car sales to fall in an alarming manner, as have repairs. The European car refinish sector is in crisis.

So today, falling consumption in the car refinish sector is a reality that we have to accept and face. The price of insurance has dropped and, consequently, the price of repairs has fallen. Businesses must adapt to the market, therefore, and come up with a winning solution.

Against this worrying, but significant data, KMK was founded to meet the current situation, without the inherited baggage of other historic brands.

KMK offers the best of Italian technology at a low price. Thanks to the latest means of communication and technology, we have eliminated the costs of certain services that nowadays are obsolete and we have streamlined the old distribution systems with their countless intermediaries between manufacturer and final consumer. For example, we have incorporated a QR code on all our products, so that the consumer can access video tutorials showing how to apply that particular product, using the universal language of pictograms.

The days of coercion or restriction by certain paint brands are over. A multi-brand body shop has the right to make a profit from its business, without limitations.

KMK offers the European market the possibility of direct online purchases, offering products at low prices, based on quantity. Whether the purchaser is an end consumer or reseller is immaterial. The price is based exclusively on volumes.

For KMK products for extra-EU markets: info@kimakem.com